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Ayurveda is the science of life in Sanskrit.

Ayurveda – Jala Neti, the process and why to do it

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Ayurveda promotes Jala Neti, aka Nasal Irrigation, as daunting as it may sound it tends to turn into an easier and blissful experience once it becomes a habit. None of us is alien to the importance of Yoga in our lives. While yogis are performed for the betterment of their breathing, a common man is […]

How Ayurveda Relates To The Season and Doshas

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Seasons and doshas in the Ayurveda have a strong interconnection with each other. Doshas directly respond to the change in seasons and gradually increase or decrease in accord with the same. According to the Hindu calendar, the overall seasons in the year are only six.  They are shishira or late winter season, Basanta or spring […]

How Fall Affects the 3 Doshas According to Ayurveda


There has been a predominant knowledge of Ayurveda asserted by the ancient seers and carried forward by generations. And that is the knowledge of substance or matter. The old Ayurveda sages asserted that if anything is there in the world that could produce an effect, then that is the substance. We all know that our […]

Ayurveda Kitchari recipe for healing the gut

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Ayurveda says the best way to reset your digestive system is to detox your gut with healthy and straightforward food. This improves the body’s overall functioning and boosts your immunity. Kitchari is Ayurveda’s very own traditional and beneficial cleansing food. What Is Kitchari & Why We Eat It? Kitchari is a Hindi word. It is […]

The Four Vedas: A Brief Introduction

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Vedas are considered the earliest Indo-Aryan literary scriptures. They are the holiest and most sacred Hindu texts. The four Vedas are known as Apaurusheya, which means not composed or written by mortals. Vedas, all across the globe in the literary world, have a high regard and enjoy a unique position. The Vedas were compiled by rishi-munis or sages […]

What is Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is the oldest healing method aimed at providing holistic health to its users. It finds its origin in India, where it was discovered some 3000 years back. Its premise is building a balance between the body, mind, and soul for healing purposes. This branch of medicine focuses more on bringing more sustainable changes in […]

How are Ayurveda clothes different than traditional dyed clothes?

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 Ayurveda has become a way of life for the people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is not restricted to healthy food, exercise, and meditation only. Its impact is going deeper and affecting every aspect of our life positively. Clothing is one of the essential requirements, for instance, of a human being that is […]

What is Pranayama?

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The essence of Yoga lies in the idea of being aware. A state of mind achieved by daily practice, awareness of breath is precisely attained through Pranayama. While Prana means “life” & Yama means “control,” both the words together point at “control of breath.” Pranayama directly impacts your nervous system and is advised to practice […]

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