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Ayurveda Cotton Yoga Mat

Kapha Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

Original price was: $188.00.Current price is: $169.00.

Ayurveda Cotton Yoga Mat

Pitta Ayurvedic Yoga Mat


Ayurveda Cotton Yoga Mat

Vata Ayurvedic Yoga Mat


Ayurveda is based upon 5 elements

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air 
  • Ether

These 5 elements are combined to create the doshas

  • Vatta – Air and Ether – The energy of movement
  • Pitta – Water and Fire – The energy of creation
  • Kapha – Earth and Water – The energy of grounding and flow

The only Ayurveda Lifestyle brand with doshic elements to balance your constitution!

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Meditation Accessories

SerenitySeat For Easy Meditation

Original price was: $169.00.Current price is: $144.00.

What is YOUR Ayurvedic dosha and which Ayurvedic Cotton Yoga & Meditation Mat is right for YOU?



  • As an Ashtanga yoga practitioner & clinical Ayurvedic specialist- I enjoy this mat for its natural dyes and how its woven together with natural materials. Good grip during the physical practice too.

    carrie sobeck Avatar carrie sobeck

    I cannot even begin to imagine my practice without my Aura Mat. It is the perfect combination of beautiful and functional. Holds up for my yoga practice and easy to throw in the wash!!! I actually have two!!!

    Mandy Saslona Avatar Mandy Saslona

    These mats are so beautiful and well made. I love that they are hand died using herbs and woven by people who have been preserving this technique for generations. This is a very lovely company and deeply committed to giving back to the community. I highly recommend trading out your synthetic mat for a natural, non-toxic, Ayurvedic and sustainable alternative!

    Seatyn Steele Avatar Seatyn Steele

    Wonderful all natural yoga mat! I have the yellow (turmeric) and the blue. Beautiful design. Durable and easy to wash. I use it every day. Very happy with them.

    Ben Trihub Avatar Ben Trihub
  • Beautiful colors, high quality material and great customer service. Such a nice alternative to a plastic yoga mat. Thank you!

    truth seeker Avatar truth seeker

    Grand rising from Bali! Had my morning meditation, breathwork and yoga flow on my aura mat this morning. What a blessing, feeling soul connected and in flow. Thank you 🙏🏼

    Petra & Amy Hui Avatar Petra & Amy Hui

    I really love my Aura Mat - it is a great experience to sit on natural fibers of the when I meditate and practice yoga. 🧘‍♂️

    Tony Zatzick Avatar Tony Zatzick

    The Aura mat is a perfect companion for yoga & meditation practice. It is easy to clean and travel with! I love my mat! Every one should have one!

    joei belovin Avatar joei belovin
  • I love this yoga mat! What a change in energy in my practice.

    Della Wicklund Avatar Della Wicklund

    Love these yoga mats. Easy to keep clean and totally natural. Brings in the energy of your specific Dosha while keeping the peacefulness of your inner soul.

    Debbi Atkins Avatar Debbi Atkins

    I have had many yoga mats over the last 15 years. This one has the highest frequency & I can't at this point imagine using anything other. Grateful for this Creation!

    Puranpreet Kaur Avatar Puranpreet Kaur

    Such a soft and sturdy mat that is great for daily use and to travel with. Feels cozy and warm and not too bulky.

    Haridass Kaur Avatar Haridass Kaur