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Embrace Tradition with Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mats from Aura Mat™

aura mat@ authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

In the pursuit of authenticity within the yoga community, the essence of Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mats emerges as a narrative deeply intertwined with the wisdom of ancient sages and the natural harmony they revered. This tale is not just about the mats but also reflects our journey towards recognizing and embracing inherent perfection. Revisiting Time-Honored […]

Elevate Pranayama with Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

oga Mat for Pranayama

In the realm of yoga, where every breath and movement is intentional, the choice of a yoga mat, especially for pranayama, becomes pivotal. The hidden health hazards in synthetic yoga mats are a growing concern, urging practitioners to make a conscious shift towards safer alternatives. Bypassing the Need to Air Out: The Ayurvedic Advantage No […]

Elevate Your Yoga with All-Natural, Authentic Ayurveda Mats

Yoga mat no chemicals

In today’s wellness-conscious era, the demand for purity extends to every aspect of our lives, including yoga practice. Aura mat™ stands out as a testament to this purity, pledging to keep synthetic chemicals at bay from their Authentic Ayurveda yoga mats. These mats, available at, are not just accessories but gateways to a practice […]

Embrace Ethical Yoga Practice with Authentically Sourced Mats

Authentically Sourced Yoga Mat

In the world of yoga, where every choice reflects one’s values, selecting an ethically made yoga mat is paramount. Aura mat™ emerges as a leader in ethical sourcing, distinguished by its commitment to Authentic Ayurveda principles, ensuring both sustainability and ethical integrity in its production. The Ethical Journey of an Aura Mat™ Innovative Ayurvedic Dyeing […]

Experience Pure Practice with Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mats

aura mat@ authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

Experience the serenity of practicing on a Yoga mat that is entirely free from off-gassing and toxic fumes, thanks to the Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mats. These mats redefine the concept of purity in your practice, eliminating the need to air them out before use, allowing you to dive straight into your yoga session with peace […]

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