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What is Pranayama?

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The essence of Yoga lies in the idea of being aware. A state of mind achieved by daily practice, awareness of breath is precisely attained through Pranayama. While Prana means “life” & Yama means “control,” both the words together point at “control of breath.” Pranayama directly impacts your nervous system and is advised to practice […]

How Ayurveda Relates To The Season and Doshas

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Seasons and doshas in the Ayurveda have a strong interconnection with each other. Doshas directly respond to the change in seasons and gradually increase or decrease in accord with the same. According to the Hindu calendar, the overall seasons in the year are only six.  They are shishira or late winter season, Basanta or spring […]

How Natural Materials Enhance Aura

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Each individual has an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is commonly known as ‘Aura.’ That’s why different individuals emit different vibes, radiations, and energy. You would be surprised to know, but even other living organisms like animals and plants also have auras and vibes! Aura is the storehouse of our body’s positive […]