Samana Vata According to Ayurveda

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According to Ayurveda Samana Vata oversees and controls our agni or digestive fire/strength and intake of nutrients for cellular development. Samana Vata is located in the bottom portion of the stomach and on into the small intestine. Samana Vata plays a major role in igniting our agni or digestive fire. Each time we consume food Samana vata is responsible for secreting the digestive enzymes that assimilate the food separating the nutrients from the waste materials.


When your Samana Vata is in a balanced state, you experience a regular medium to strong appetite. It would be common to feel satisfied, with no digestive challenges after eating. Samana vata functions through communication to Prana vata which promotes the experience of hunger. Once you put food into your mouth, Samana vata communicates to stimulate digestive enzymes to assimilate and absorb the materials into the small intestine. All of the digestive processes of extracting nutrition from food and rejuvenating new cells are mastered by Samana vata. 


If Samana vata is aggravated and out of balance your appetite will not be high, and when you do eat, post-digestive gas, and even pain are possible. Vata is the element of movement or air, so when vata is aggravated, digestion will be irregular. Some good days, some bad. Eventually, poor assimilation of nutrients leads to problems with absorption and deficiencies. If this is not corrected, it is possible, that malabsorption will cause other digestive disorders as the viation migrates into deeper channels.


Most Ayurveda practitioners recommend a vata pacifying lifestyle and diet that includes herbs proven to aid and improve digestion. Foods that are light and easy to ingest accompanied by simple herbs such as ginger, black pepper, cumin, ajwain, and hingvastak help to increase the strength of Samana Vata over all restoring balance to the agni which is key to our health.

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