How are Ayurveda clothes different than traditional dyed clothes?

Ayurveda Textiles

 Ayurveda has become a way of life for the people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is not restricted to healthy food, exercise, and meditation only. Its impact is going deeper and affecting every aspect of our life positively. Clothing is one of the essential requirements, for instance, of a human being that is transforming with the help of Ayurvedic solutions. 

Ayurvedic clothes – the new rage among health-conscious people

Clothes form the barrier between the human skin and the surrounding environment. Thus, it is vital to wear clothes that help the body adjust to the changing environmental conditions. Natural cotton offers the most skin-friendly ingredient to make clothes. However, its positive effects can be amplified when the dyes and threads employed come from natural resources. Ayurvedic clothes differ from conventional clothing products in this aspect. These make use of Ayurveda dyes derived from natural sources like turmeric, indigo, neem leaves, etc. Thus, the dyeing color that comes in direct contact with the skin does not harm the latter and makes the cloth genuinely natural.

Difference between Ayurveda clothes and traditionally dyed clothes

Ayurveda clothes, as mentioned above, make use of dyes, which are natural too. The traditionally dyed garments expose the skin to chemicals that may or may not be suitable for the user. Thus, the organic nature of Ayurveda clothes sets it apart from the clothes dyed using traditional methods. Ayurvedic dyes take the doubt off the mind of the user and offer them a completely safe clothing alternative. 

Ayurveda clothes are made using biodegradable materials. Thus, these can be recycled. The use of such materials makes these clothes highly sustainable and eco-friendly. People using these clothes benefit from the medicinal properties of the materials used. The skin receives its dose of good health, ultimately becoming healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Ayurveda clothes come packed with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. These clothes can be of immense help to users with sensitive skin. Due to contact with such healthy materials, the body’s internal atmosphere changes for better and induces good health. 

There is a positive psychological effect that Ayurveda clothes generate. Since such clothes are skin-friendly and very pleasing to senses, these induce good feelings, resulting in an enhanced mood. The absorption of good chemicals in the body purifies the blood and improves its circulation; thus, the body’s abilities improve overall.

Another significant effect of Ayurveda clothes is that these have a positive psychological impact on the minds of the users. Thus, these clothes play a critical role in boosting mood and inducing the feeling of positivity. 

There is no proper evidence that shows that all the above properties are available in traditionally dyed clothes. Thus, Ayurveda clothes are proving to be a better option for health-conscious people who enjoy nature-based products.

Essential uses of Ayurveda clothes

Maintenance of the well-being and empowerment of the health treatments are the two main uses of these organically dyed Ayurveda clothes.

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