Ayurveda – Jala Neti, the process and why to do it

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Ayurveda promotes Jala Neti, aka Nasal Irrigation, as daunting as it may sound it tends to turn into an easier and blissful experience once it becomes a habit. None of us is alien to the importance of Yoga in our lives. While yogis are performed for the betterment of their breathing, a common man is advised to regularly perform Jala Neti regularly for the benefits associated. In the manual of Hatha Yoga, Jala neti finds an equal place for being one of the highly recommended cleaning techniques.

What things do you need for it?

Neti pot-

 Neti pot appears like any other teapot; however, it is considerably smaller in size with a long spout on the side. The spout is made to fit inside the nostril without any hindrance, and the usual ones come with a capacity of 500 ml.  


 Although it is suggested to use unadulterated seawater salt considering its availability is quite limited, we recommend using a pinch of plain cooking salt instead. Salt acts as a great catalyst to soothe your nasal passage and helps in cleansing.

Lukewarm water-

 The idea is not to let the nasal absorb any water since that could turn infectious. Hence salt and lukewarm water (500ml) are recommended to perform Jala Neti. You would mix a pinch of salt in lukewarm water, pouring it in the pot to be further used for this particular technique.

What is the process?

Once you have everything, bend your head a little over a basin while inserting the Neti pot’s spout inside the right nostril. Adjust your head further, tilt it to the left, and allow the water to come out of your left nostril. A vice-versa approach is advised to perform the same procedure by inserting the spout into the left nostril.

Top benefits of Jala Neti-

  • Maintains the hygiene of your nasal by clearing the dirt and bacteria settled inside your nose over time.
  • The technique is known to calm the inside of your nose, bringing relief to common allergies.
  • Regular practice is claimed to have a positive effect on Sinusitis and Migraine attacks.
  • For those living in cities amidst high air pollution, daily practice is essential to lead a healthy life.
  • Since Jala neti is also one kind of Yoga, it calms both your mind and body.
  • Nasal Irrigation has a proven history of eliminating other health issues such as asthma, Bronchitis, Cough and cold, and Influenza.
  • A tremendous supporting element for those who like to start their mornings with a dose of meditation. Jala Neti would help you in staying calm and focused.


Although the above information is intended to help you acquire Jala Neti as a morning ritual, we also suggest getting help from professionals. They would allow you to gradually get familiar with the technique while bringing your mind at ease. The incorrect implementation could prove to be harmful and disturb your body; hence, it is essential to perform such techniques in the experts’ presence. Overall, Jala Neti is an excellent start to your day.

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