How Fall Affects the 3 Doshas According to Ayurveda


There has been a predominant knowledge of Ayurveda asserted by the ancient seers and carried forward by generations. And that is the knowledge of substance or matter. The old Ayurveda sages asserted that if anything is there in the world that could produce an effect, then that is the substance. We all know that our body and energy in the world are composed of five essential elements, and they are fire, water, air, ether, and earth.

Due to these elements, only our body is constituted of different doshas, namely Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. Any imbalance in these causes the body to undergo negative effects. In this blog below, we will discuss how the fall affects the three doshas individually.

Effect Of The Fall On The Three Doshas

The climate change in the northern hemisphere starts with the hot and humid season and then gradually moves towards moist and finally, the winter season. This dry and cold season experienced by us every year is termed as Autumn and Winter.

Both these seasons are also known as the Vata season in Ayurvedic literature. It is already a known fact that Vata dosha in our body is composed of the air and the ether and is also known as “The King Of Doshas.”

Vata energizes the other two doshas present in the body. While a Vata imbalance causes dryness, sleep interruption, and dryness in the body, it is important to know that Vata’s imbalance causes one to fall sick.

How To Balance The Three Doshas During The Fall?

As soon as the Autumn season kicks in, the bodily changes start to show their effects. Thus people should calm down the Vata imbalance, eliminate the excess Pitta leftover from the summer, and then balance out the Kapha.

All these can be done by teaching various food habits that can be followed generously by people:

  1. Start by eating tri-doshic autumn foods like berries, grapes, limes, mangoes, and prunes will be favorable. Also, remember to have a Vata pacifying diet and in this process also try to abstain from oily foods and excess heat as both these will only aggravate Pitta and Kapha.
  2. You can also eat meat and seasonal foods such as sweets and fruits to keep your body in check.
  3. You can also keep your body in check by reducing foods that cause aggravation in all three doshas. Check for diets that can balance these tridoshas to keep your body in check.


Apart from following the above-mentioned points, I also focus on staying warm, grounded, and relaxed in the Autumn months. In adherence to these, follow and practice Yoga and make time for self-reflection daily.

Keeping the doshas in check and absolute harmony is the only way your body can be free of diseases. Therefore, it is very important to follow the above points keenly and enjoy good health benefits in the long run.

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