Yoga mat alignment bars woven in and provide traction (Reason #8)

Alignment and Traction Build Strength Yoga mat

20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat

Only an Ayurveda Yoga mat provides a simple-to-use alignment bar, that also gives you traction.

If you are practicing Yoga you are most likely doing it for an improved experience of well-being and good health. If this is your story, then we must ask, are you practicing yoga on a rubber, plastic, or foam Yoga mat? If so, it is highly unlikely that you are receiving any of the many benefits an authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat offers. Just one of these benefits is the alignment bars which are woven into the authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat weaving process. The way that the Yoga mat alignment bars are woven into the Ayurvedic Yoga mat is genius. The Ayurvedic Sages who designed these Yoga mats knew just the perfect amount of material and where to place this material on the mat. For the Ayurvedic Sages, it was not about fashion, but more, about function. Isn’t it ironic that today, the best-looking Authentic Yoga mat also stands as the most functional? We think this truly speaks the truth of authentic Ayurveda.

Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mats are simply the most sophisticated Yoga mat on the market

Each Ayurveda Yoga mat has several alignment and traction bars woven into the traditional Ayurvedic weaving pattern. These bars also include a little bit of Jute. If the Jute is missing from your Ayurveda Yoga mat and it’s very soft and fluffy, most likely your Ayurveda Yoga mat is not authentic. Again, each specific detail of an Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat has been consciously thought through, documented, and retained for thousands of years. Only in the past few decades has this information returned for use on a commercial scale.

If your Yoga mat claims to be Ayurvedic but has very large poms on the sides of the Yoga mat alignment bars woven in to your Yoga mat, it is simply not an authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat. It may look nice, it may feel nice, but the technology of the Yoga mat which was set forth with conscious awareness and intention centuries ago by Ayurvedic sages, has been altered to gain attention and with the intention of building a brand for profit. Buyer beware and ask questions.

Each Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is personally finished by one of the Ayurvedic masters overseeing the weaving process. This is the final quality control check and approval before your new Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is packaged and shipped to you.

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