Ayurveda Yoga Mat Offers Traditional Weaving Patterns of Vata Pitta & Kapha (Reason #9)

Ayurveda Yoga Mats - Vata - Pitta - Kapha

20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat

Each Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat retains the knowledge of the elders within the Ayurvedic tradition and are specific to the region and community form where it was made.

Authentic Ayuvedic Yoga mats are NEVER all one color. Ayurvedic Yoga mats simply would NEVER depict the chakras and so anyone claiming a “Chakra Mat” to be a authentic Ayurvdic Yoga mat, is simply misleading thier followers. Authentic Ayurveda Yogo mats are timeless, have been made the same way for centruries, and at aura mat, we dont take the credit for these wonderful gifts, and we will always protect the truth.

If your Yoga mat is bright and vibrant in color, unfortunately it is most likely not a authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat. Ayurveda dye baths simply do not provide bright brilliant colors without help from syntetic chemicals or additions to the process.

If your Yoga mat claims to be Ayurvedic, but has very large poms on the sides of the alignment and traction weave, its simply not an authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat. It may look nice, it may feel nice, but the technology of the Yoga mat which was set forth with conscious awareness and intention centuries ago by Ayurvedic sages, has been altered to gain attention and with the intention of building a brand for profit.

If your Yoga mat claims to be a Ayurveda Yoga mat, and its not 3mm thick or it has been modified to provide more padding or cusion to your Yoga mat, its not an authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat. Ayurvedic Yoga mats have been made the same way for thousands of years, from all natural material, Ayurvedic herbal dyes, and the result is a all natural fiber Yoga mat with the inteligence of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha built in to the Yoga mat.

You can tell these mats are consciously designed by Ayurvedic Sages because they take into account the Ayurvedic qualities of Vata, Pitta & Kapha.

The Vata Yoga mat is dyed using several Ayurveda herbs, neem, tulsi and turmeric just to name a few. Neem and tulsi are stapels in Ayurvedic herbal remedies. So is turmeric for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Its also very drying and soothing to inflamation. For this reason the Ayurvedic sages used Turmeric to bring out the qualities of dry, air, and movement which is also some of the qualities of Vata. For the practicioner, the Vata Yoga mat will enhance the subltle qualities of Vata or Air and Ether or movement.

Simply put, no other Yoga mat offers this technology. Period.

Each Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is personally finished by one of the Ayurvedic masters overseeing the weaving process. This is the final quality control check and approval before your new Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is packaged and shipped to you.

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