How Natural Materials Enhance the Aura

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Each individual has an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is commonly known as ‘Aura.’ That’s why different individuals emit different vibes, radiations, and energy. You would be surprised to know, that even other living organisms like animals and plants also have auras and vibes! Aura is the storehouse of our body’s positive and negative energies. As per contemporary spiritual beliefs, an aura is a colored emanation that encloses a human body or any living being in general. You have seen the halo around all celestial beings and wondered what that is, and I hope you know it now- aura energy field.

Physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental energies make our aura. It is an invisible electromagnetic field that belongs to us and is also created by us. Individual characteristics, nature, and emotions are defined by the color of our distinctive auras represented by a mixture of fine colored frequencies. An unhealthy or sick person’s aura is very weak, pale, and not very colorful. There are specific and very fine tools or instruments to detect these vibrations.

Physical vitality, emotional well-being, and good mental health and clarity define how good your spiritual aura is due to the body’s positive energy emitted. There are seven layers in our aura. Well, next time you feel warmth in someone’s presence or nervous in someone else’s company, you know what that is and how it works.

Seven types of auras:

1) Physical Aura Layer

2) Lower Aura Layer

3) Astral Aura Layer

4) Higher Aura Layer

5) Spiritual Aura Layer

6) Intuitional Aura Layer

7) Absolute Aura Layer

How do natural materials enhance the aura?

Researchers have scientifically proven that proximity to nature and its elements can be a great stress reliever. Nature helps in healing and soothing, not just the body but soul and mental health overall. Experiences with nature and natural elements increase blood flow, relax muscles, and soothe one’s mind. This holds for every age, gender, culture, and society. 

Natural materials impact and enhance our aura by:

– Connecting

– Soothing

– Restoring

– Healing

Smudging is an age-old practice to enhance and cleanse the aura. It is done with dried white sage. The natural smell and feel of the sage help the mind relax and connect. In that process, the negativities and ill thoughts get dispersed, paving the way for building more healthy thoughts. This way, a natural connection is built without any ill effects.

Examples of natural materials that enhance aura:

-Aura Quartz

– Healing Stones

– Crystals

– Essential Oils

– Abalone Shell

– Candles

Similarly, natural materials also evoke and open our senses and revitalize us. These elements are not hard to find and use. The earthly, aqua smells, vivid colors, and textures make natural elements and materials the best aura cleansers. Their effect is long-lasting and not superficial; hence they enhance not just our aura and vibes we emit but make us better beings.

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