Kundalini Yoga Kirtan Kriya for the brain

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Use this Kundalini Yoga Kriya to bring balance to the mental system. This Kriya has the potential to allow the practitioner to see the unseen if practiced properly and for the right amount of time. This Kriya utilizes the five primal vibrations that originate from what is referred to by the sages as the bij mantra, or Sat Nam.

Extensive studies have shown simply 12 minutes of Kirtan Kriya each day has the potential to improve cognition and memory function, and can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

Sa, Ta, Na, Ma, or S, T, N, M, A

Vibrating this mantra through the tip of each finger with our thumbs cycles the electrical poles. Your index fingers are electrically negative as well as the ring finger, the middle finger and the pinky finger are positive. Oscillating between these frequencies and vibrations in mudra combined with the mantra creates a potential balance in the electromagnetic field or aura.

There are many studies on this Kriya in modern medicine and the studies prove, this Kriya works!

How to experience: Kirtan Kriya

Asana or posture: 

  • Sit in easy pose
  • Straight spine
  • Light neck lock.
  • Wrists on your knees,
  • Your arms and elbows should be straight
  • Hands in Gyan Mudra to begin.

Mantra & Mudra: 

  • Chant Sa, Ta, Na, Ma.
  • With each vibration, alternate through four mudras as follows:
    • On Sa, touch the first finger also referred to as Jupiter or Gyan Mudra which provides knowledge
    • On Ta, touch the second finger also referred to as Saturn or Shuni Mudra which provides wisdom, intelligence, and patience
    • On Na, touch the third finger also referred to as the Sun or Surya Mudra which provides vitality or the energy of life
    • On Ma, touch the fourth finger also referred to as Mercury or Buddhi Mudra which provides the ability to communicate

One cycle of the mantra takes 3 to 4 seconds and repeats.

The Kriya starts out chanting loud, then whispering, then silent, then whispering, and then loud again.

To experience this Kriya for 12 minutes, start by chanting loud for 2 min, then chanting in a whisper for 2 minutes, then cycle through the mudras, and mentally, silently vibrate the mantra for 4 minutes, next whisper the mantra for 2 minutes, and to finish chant loud for 2 minutes.  


  • Focus on the third eye or brow point
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