Ayurveda Yoga Mat Builds Strength and Overall Wellness (Reason #10)

Natural Cotton Biodegradable Yoga Mat

20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat

Alignment and Traction Woven Into the Ayurveda Yoga Mat Designs

.Simply put, there is no other Yoga mat on the market that offers all the benefits that Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mats provide you. The reasons to throw away your Yoga mat and buy an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat are seemingly endless.

One of the most compelling reasons to throw away your old yoga mat and buy an Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is the benefit to your health. Because aura mat Ayurveda Yoga mats are dyed using Ayurvedic herbal formulas, the Yoga mat fibers are infused with herbal compounds known for offering anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Does your Yoga mat offer these helpful healthy solutions or do you have to air your new synthetic material Yoga mats out before you can use them?

When it comes to your interaction with your authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat, the experience is untouched. From the soft feel of the all-natural cotton Yoga mat to the fact that it doesn’t smell bad. In fact, it really doesn’t smell like much at all. No other Yoga mat offers raised alignment bars that not only keep you aligned allowing for a more advanced Yoga practice, but they are also raised to provide traction from the balls of your hands and feet. This is where the Yoga meets the mat so to speak. This system coupled with the all-natural rubber tree sap non-slip Yoga mat bottom, makes for what we believe is the most advanced Yoga mat on the market today.

Each Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is personally finished by one of the Ayurvedic masters overseeing the weaving process. This is the final quality control check and approval before your new Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat is packaged and shipped to you.

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