20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Rug

All Natural Ayurveda Yoga Mat

Great for hot Yoga class and sweat (Reason #21)

Do you practice Hot Yoga? Are you tired of having to wipe your mat down after every class? We understand your dilemma and we have the perfect solution for you, authentic Ayurveda Yoga Rugs!

Our authentic Ayurvedic Yoga rugs have alignment and traction woven directly into the ancient Ayurveda Yoga rug. This allows you even with sweaty hands, to lock into the alignment bars with the pads of your hands and feet, and really get the best grip possible. Try to grip any rubber or plastic mat, and it’s easy to see why aura mat all-natural cotton Ayurveda Yoga rugs are the premium Yoga rugs for hot yogis.

Due to the materials being all-natural cotton and jute, our Ayurveda Yoga rugs are washable in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. They are natural cotton so you must wash them on cold and because there are no chemicals ever used in our Yoga rugs, an all-natural detergent like soap nuts is needed so that the Ayurvedic herbal qualities are not washed away along with any sweat and debris. Simply hang to dry in the shade and your mat is refreshed and renewed for the next Yoga session.

Simply put, if you practice Hot Yoga, a cotton Ayurvedic Yoga rug is a must-have accessory for your practice. Stop by www.auramat.com today and shop for your new Ayurveda Yoga Rug today!

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