20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

Natural Cotton Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

Hand Made Ayurvedic Yoga mats support those with allergies and/or who may be sensitive to chemicals and environmental toxins (Reason #22)

Let’s be honest. Have you ever opened your new Yoga mat, rolled it out on the floor, and had to hold your breath or turn away due to the smell of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of your Yoga mat? Or perhaps you had to let it air out before you could even use it? We have all been there, unfortunately.

If you have an allergy or chemical sensitivity to petroleum-based, plastic, or environmental toxins in general, practicing Yoga on a Yoga mat can be challenging. The truth is, Yoga was never done on rubber or plastic Yoga mats and is actually counterproductive to the optimum health and experience you are working towards. Sign up for our email stories and learn more and more each day about why.

Ayurvedic Yoga mats are all natural. There are absolutely no preservatives in our Ayurvedic Yoga mats ever. We were the first to sell Ayurvedic Yoga mats in the US and we have maintained our integrity with regard to the ancient manufacturing processes and the people who cared for this information. We simply will not improve the designs or modify the dyes to make more money. Period. Unfortunately the same can not be said or other brands emerging today.

Due to the fact that each and every hand-made Ayurvedic Yoga mat is dyed with Ayurvedic herbal formulas retained for thousands of years, aura mat Ayurvedic Yoga mats actually carry the properties of anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial making them great for days COVID challenges and anyone who suffers from allergies and environmental toxins. Simply put, there might not be a better alternative to Ayurvedic Yoga rugs.

In fact, the dying process is so advanced, that every dye bath is actually poured at the base of the trees in the local community so that the benefits of the dye bath, may carry on as it is upcycled back into the earth. Ayurvedic Yoga mats are biodegradable too!

So if you are sensitive to environmental toxins, have an allergy to rubber or plastic products, and practice Yoga, you must throw away your toxic Yoga mat and buy an Ayurvedic Yoga rug today. Or, iff you just want an all-natural healthy option that does not off-gass while practicing Yoga and pranayama, Ayurveda Yoga rugs are the solution for you.

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