Kapha – The Energy of Water and Lubrication

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In Ayurveda, it is believed that the inner balance between Pitta, Vata, and Kapha – the three essential principles of this 5000 years old science – has a significant impact on our lifestyle. Everyone has all these elements for proper functioning. However, creating an appropriate balance between these principles is the main focus of Ayurveda.

People are supposed to adapt to the lifestyle and dietary changes that will help them control the excess Ayurveda element in their bodies. The third and one of the most important principles of Ayurveda is Kapha, which is also known as the energy of lubrication. Here, we will discuss the meaning, attributes, diseases, symbols, and other factors associated with Kapha.

Ayurveda Kapha Dosha Explanation

If described in three words, people with Kapha predominant constitution have strength, stamina, and endurance. They have oily skin. The primary health issue with Kapha types is their slow rate of metabolism. They often face low digestion issues, due to which they are highly likely to gain weight. These people do not like to perform physical exercise. With strong and rugged muscles, Kapha people have a thick skin with large and beautiful eyes. They experience deep and high quality of sleep.

Though Kapha types love to eat oily, salty, and sweet food, they should try to incorporate pungent and bitter tastes to their diet to stabilize this principle.

Psychological Health

Kapha types are quite likely to stay calm. They forgive easily. One of the significant issues they face is lethargy. Mentally, it is hard for them to comprehend and process things. Not that they do not have adequate mental abilities, but they tend to think and understand slowly. However, their long-term memory is quite good. If Kapha is aggravated in your body, there is a good chance you may experience enviousness, possessiveness, and greed. They have the habit of earning and saving money.

Since the main symbol of Kapha Ayurveda is water, people with Kapha predominant constitution are likely to suffer from water-related diseases such as sinus congestion, weight gain, diabetes, flu, and headaches. The primary season for Kapha types in winter. Kapha types must stay hydrated and follow a well-balanced and proper diet during winter.

Dietary and Lifestyle Considerations

As mentioned above, pungent and bitter foods are highly recommended for people with Kapha constitution. Since these people tend to have slow metabolism and difficulty with digestion, foods that rejuvenate their minds while keeping their weight in control are the best. Kapha types can gain weight quickly. Since they do not like to perform exercises, Kapha people need to avoid the consumption of fats and dairy foods. 

Though all vegetables are healthy for Kapha types, it is highly recommended for these people to avoid sour and juicy veggies. Raw vegetables are right for them. But, considering the digestion issues associated with this principle, stir-fried veggies can be the best option.

Meat and seafood are suitable for their health. But, it has to be baked, adequately cooked, roasted, grilled, and boiled. They should avoid fried foods.

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