Pitta – The Energy of Fire and Water

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Ayurveda is also known as the study of three major principles that rule the human body. Each principle has to work together to keep you alive and promote the necessary body functions. Pitta, the second most important principle of Ayurveda, is associated with metabolism and digestion.

Any imbalance in Pitta can lead to different types of disorders and illnesses in your body. Understanding this principle and working on it can help you achieve your health goals. The lack of proper functioning of Pitta can be the primary cause of digestion-related diseases in your body. Let’s learn more about Ayurveda Pitta Dosha.

Ayurveda Pitta Dosha Explanation

Pitta’s principle of Ayurveda is associated with the symbol “fire.” Just like fire, Pitta Predominant people are likely to have warm bodies. It is quite common for these people to feel restless and anxious. They are mostly short-tempered. Pitta predominant people tend to have freckles, coppery skin, and multiple moles. As compared to the Vata, Pitta skin is less likely to get wrinkles. Despite having silky and smooth hair, premature hair loss is among the common issues with Pitta predominant people.

The Physical and Mental Health

Sharp nose, healthy physique, coppery skin, shiny hair, warm body, and medium-sized eyes are some of Pitta’s common physical attributes. Since this principle of Ayurveda is related to the human digestion and metabolism, those who have Pitta predominant constitutions have strong digestion and metabolism system. They have a good appetite. These people often crave cold drinks and hot spicy foods.

Since Pitta is associated with the Fire symbol, Pitta Predominant people can tolerate sun rays, heat, and physical work. Their hands and feet mostly feel warm to touch. These were the physical qualities of Pitta. Coming to mental health, people with Pitta predominant constitution have intelligent and alert minds. They have a decent ability to comprehend things.

If the amount of Pitta is imbalanced, there is a good chance the person will feel agitation, jealousy, hate, and anxiousness. The common diseases associated with this Ayurveda principle include inflammatory disorders, fevers, sore throats, ulcer, jaundice, skin redness and rashness, colitis, etc. The common attributes of this Ayurveda principle are light, heat, liquid, and mobile. Excess of these elements in your body can result in an imbalance. The best season for Pitta is summer. Those who have an excess level of Pitta need to follow a proper exercise routine. The best time to practice physical and mental exercise is during the evening or early morning.

Dietary Considerations For Pitta Predominant

With an excessive amount of Pitta, Pitta needs to avoid strong, salty, and sour foods. Alcohol should be strictly avoided. Additionally, it is best to plan a vegetarian diet and avoid too much meat and eggs. Since these people tend to get aggressive quickly, bitter, sweet, and cold foods are the best for their diet. Any food, especially vegetables that are too sour and hot to taste, will intensify Pitta. 

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