Allergy-Friendly Yoga Mats:

Allergy Free Yoga Mats

Embrace a Natural Practice

In search of an allergy-friendly yoga mat? Ever encountered a strong chemical smell upon unrolling a new mat? This issue is prevalent with mass-produced options, posing challenges for those with allergies or sensitivities. Traditional yoga, inherently connected to nature, is compromised by synthetic materials.

Discover the Allergy-Friendly Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

Our handcrafted Ayurvedic Yoga mats, dyed with ancient herbal recipes, offer a sanctuary for those concerned with allergies and environmental toxins. These mats, free from chemicals and synthetic preservatives, boast anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial qualities, making them an ideal choice for a holistic practice.

Upholding Tradition: Our Commitment

As pioneers of Ayurvedic Yoga mats in the US, we are dedicated to maintaining the traditional methods and wisdom of Ayurvedic artisans. Our approach is uncompromising, focusing on authenticity rather than profit, distinguishing us from brands that compromise on these ancient principles for the sake of modernization.

Environmental Stewardship Woven into Each Mat

Our Ayurvedic dyeing process is environmentally conscious, benefiting the earth by nourishing local trees with the leftover dyes. These mats are not only allergy-friendly but also biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Transform Your Practice with an Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

For those sensitive to environmental toxins, switching to an Ayurvedic Yoga mat can be a significant and healthful change. If you’re seeking a natural option free from harmful off-gassing, our Ayurveda Yoga rugs are the answer.

Experience the Difference with Aura Mat™

Aura mat™ has been leading the way in providing allergy-friendly, natural yoga solutions. Visit to explore our Ayurvedic Yoga mats and enhance your yoga practice with a mat that embodies purity, natural harmony, and environmental responsibility.

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