Ethically Made Yoga Mat

Ethically Made Yoga Mat

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When it comes to yoga accessories, the choice of an ethically made Yoga mat becomes crucial for a conscious practitioner. Among the array of options available, aura mat™ stands out as a paragon of ethical sourcing in yoga mats. The mat undergoes a distinctive dyeing process rooted in Authentic Ayurveda principles, making it a sustainable and ethically produced choice.

The journey of an aura mat™ begins with its dye bath, an integral part of the Ayurvedic dyeing process. Unlike conventional methods, an aura mat™ dye bath is a multi-purpose entity, being reused several times to color multiple batches of textile material. For instance, after a round of green dyeing, the bath transforms by incorporating additional Ayurvedic herbs and plants to produce a different color. This process repeats itself, allowing the dye bath to contribute to the creation of various hues, amounting to approximately 4-6 Ayurvedic formulas during its lifecycle.

As an environmentally conscious initiative, the culmination of an aura mat™ dye bath is equally remarkable. The herbal formula, having served its purpose, is poured at the base of trees within the local community. This cyclical return to nature not only minimizes waste but also enriches the surrounding ecosystem. This sustainable practice reflects the essence of aura mat™, where every stage of production is intertwined with environmental mindfulness.

The commitment to ethical production doesn’t end with the dye bath; it extends to the ethos of aura mat™ itself. The makers firmly believe that they offer the most ethically made yoga mat available today. Their unwavering dedication to preserving the authenticity of the Ayurvedic dyeing process underscores a refusal to compromise on ethical standards. This commitment is a nod to the time-tested tradition of crafting Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mats, a legacy that spans thousands of years, with no intention of alteration.

Choosing an aura mat™ goes beyond selecting a yoga accessory; it’s a conscious decision to align with ethical and sustainable practices. The authenticity, sustainability, and rich tradition embedded in each mat make it a unique and mindful choice for practitioners seeking not just a yoga mat but an embodiment of conscious living.

Embark on a transformative yoga experience by exploring the diverse qualities offered by aura mat™. Whether it’s Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, each variant provides an opportunity to harmonize your energetic auric body. Visit to delve into the world of ethically sourced yoga mats and make a choice that resonates with your values and contributes to a more sustainable world.

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