A lifelong Yoga mat (Reason #4)

Lifelong Yoga Mat Ayurveda Yoga Mat

20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat

Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mats are so durable that aura mat is a lifelong Yoga mat

Are you tired of throwing away your Yoga mats after they begin to fall apart? Not only is this a burden to your finances but synthetic material Yoga mats are also not biodegradable and so Mother Earth is also frowning on the consumption of rubber, foam and plastic Yoga mats. An Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat is a lifelong Yoga mat.

Have you ever had one of your Ayurvedic Yoga mats returned damaged?

No, and we dont anticipate having any issues. While we have yet to put in place a Yoga mat guarantee, we have considered it. The owner of this company has been using his Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat now for over 6 years, in all conditions, all over the globe, and there is no sign of the Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat wearing out anytime soon.

Hand loomed by authentic Ayurvedic artisans

Each aura mat authentic Ayurveda Yoga mat is hand loomed on a traditional weaving loom. The amount of work that goes into each Yoga mat is truly impressive. The traditional Ayurveda weaving patterns which have been protected and retained for centuries provide timeless strength and durability too. No other Yoga mat on the market can outlast a authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat. Simply put, aura mat is a lifelong Yoga mat.

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