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Ayurveda Yoga Mats

Plastic-Free Yoga Mat | Authentic Ayurveda

Yoga mat no chemicals

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – (Reason #18) Transform Your Practice with an All-Natural Choice In a world where even plastic-free yoga mat often harbor synthetic chemicals detrimental to health, aura mat™ emerges as a beacon of purity. Our commitment is simple: no synthetic chemicals ever touch our yoga mats. Authentic Ayurveda yoga […]

Ethically Made Yoga Mat

Ethically Made Yoga Mat

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #15 When it comes to yoga accessories, the choice of an ethically made Yoga mat becomes crucial for a conscious practitioner. Among the array of options available, aura mat™ stands out as a paragon of ethical sourcing in yoga mats. The mat undergoes a distinctive dyeing […]

Healthy Yoga Mat

No Offgassing or Toxic Fumes

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #5 A Breath of Purity: No Offgassing with Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mats Elevate Your Experience: A Yoga Mat Without the Off-gassing or Toxic Fumes Embark on a Yoga mat experience devoid of off-gassing or toxic fumes with Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mats. Unwrap the transformative qualities […]

Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

No Cancer or Birth Defect Warnings

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #7 Embrace Purity: Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mats and the Absence of Warnings In the pursuit of safety and well-being, step onto a Yoga mat free from unsettling warnings. Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mats carry no cancer or birth defect labels, providing not just a surface but […]

Natural Fiber Yoga Mats

Natural Fiber Yoga Mat

Elevate Your Practice with Natural Fiber Yoga Mats: A Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit In the realm of yoga, where mindfulness and harmony converge, every element of the practice carries significance. The focal point of this exploration is the yoga mat – a sanctuary where mind, body, and soul unite. This article delves into […]

Ayurveda Herbal Dyes

Ayurveda Herbal Dyed Yoga Mat

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #7 Embracing Wellness: The Soothing Influence of Ayurvedic Herbal Dyes by Aura Mat™ Experience a revolutionary shift in your practice as Ayurvedic Herbal Dyes weave their magic into the fabric of an Ayurveda Yoga mat. This sanctuary marries the ancient wisdom of herbal dyes with […]

Yoga Mat Alignment Weave

Yoga mat with Alignment

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #8 Elevating Your Practice: The Brilliance of Yoga Mat Alignment Weave by aura mat™ Discover the transformative essence of an Ayurveda Yoga mat, where simplicity converges with brilliance through a Yoga mat alignment weave by aura mat™, offering unmatched grip in the Yoga mat market. […]

A Yoga Mat for Life

A Lifelong Yoga mat

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #4 Unveiling Perpetual Strength: Aura Mat’s Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mats – Your Yoga Mat for Life Embark on a transformative journey with an Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga mat—a Yoga mat for life that transcends the conventional. Explore the enduring strength that not only liberates you from […]

Allergy-Friendly Yoga Mat

Allergy-Friendly Yoga Mat

20+ Reasons to Throw Your Yoga Mat Away – Reason #22 Are you in search of a allergy-freindly Yoga mat? Ever unrolled a new Yoga mat, only to be overwhelmed by the chemical odor from its manufacturing process? Unfortunately, this unpleasant experience is common with mass-produced Yoga mats. If you have allergies or chemical sensitivities, […]

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