No Cancer or Birth Defect Warning Labels (Reason #6)

No Cancer or Birth Defect Warnings on our Yoga Mats

20+ Benefits to Throwing Your Yoga Mat Away and Buying an Authentic Ayurveda Yoga Mat

We wish we didn’t have to write this one.

Unfortunately, that is just not the case. In some states, such as California, synthetic Yoga mats come with a warning label that may warn against birth defects, cancer, or both. Buyer beware is an understatement in this situation.

Are Authentic Ayurveda Yoga mats dyed with chemicals?

No! Never, and we never will. If your Yoga mat claims to be Ayurvedic but is bright and vibrant, the truth is that it’s simply not authentic Ayurvedic technology. Ayurveda herbs and plants simply cannot produce eye-catching bright colors, period and it is a good indication that potentially harmful additives were used to enhance the colors in an effort to attract buyers and ultimately increase profits.

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