Mantra Moves Journal


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Mantra Moves™ The Journal. Align your words, thoughts, and actions with your best self. Mantra Moves is your guide to embodying your best self! Inspire creativity, cultivate positivity, and gratitude, and move with intention toward your wildest dreams with this 60-day journal! The perfect companion for life changes, transitions, stages, and personal growth.

Give the gift of intention and mindfulness to yourself and your loved ones!

Features include:

  • Manifestation Prompts
  • 60 Days of Journaling
  • Morning Gratitude and intentions
  • Evening Reflections
  • Weekly MANTRAS
  • Vision Board
  • Daily Ritual Check-ins
  • Original photography
Mantra Moves Journal by Venessa Dunn 8
Mantra Moves Journal
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